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[Project] 300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ !

300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ !

this campaign has started on this website→ 韓国芸能物語~by Song

Upload your video massage for TVXQ on youtube!
※please use a digital camera or a cell phone.

Please follow these rules!

(1) Before you give your message to TVXQ, please say ”this is one of 300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ !!!”
(2) Make it 3 minutes or under.
(3) Title of your video should be “300,000 videos to cheer TVXQ”
(4) Copy this and add to tags.→東方神起30万動画UP大作戦
(5) Choose “entertainment” category.
(6) Please do not use any images infringing copyright.

This is one of the examples made by Mr. Song Yujun, who has started this campaign.

(Translated by Fumi)

This campaign is not only to appeal to public opinion,
but also to give our messages to TVXQ and their staff.

Please tell other fans of TVXQ about this campaign!

You can find some of the videos made by Japanese fans.→ 東方神起30万動画UP大作戦


source: http://www40.atwiki.jp/tvxq-sig/pages/65.html
shared by: sharingyoochun.net + nachan87.livejournal.com


You know, I was thinking we could make some videos of us too.. and sub them in English for the Japanese to understand..
And perhaps we could include flags in the background.. so the people will see where we come from :)
We could make a big global project out of this!!!!

Also we could say things like:

I'm a fan from____ and part of Phoenix (the european fanclub of DBSK) We support you guys. Stay strong.. blabla xD
Isn't this a great way to promote our fanclub?
And if we follow the rules with the tagging and such.. many japanese people will see our videos and maybe TVXQ too~

Omg I'm getting so hyper right now xDDD

I'm definitely gonna do this ^___^
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