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[Project] Phoenix Twitter Movement

Hey guys~

Your Phoenix team has come up with another great idea for a new project! ^^

After the huge success with the #tvxq twitter movement we decided to do sth similar to promote our Fanclub. ^_^

What to do?

You first need a twitter account! -> http://www.twitter.com
I know a lot of you don't have one and don't like it there.. But you can delete it afterwards xD We need it just for this project ^_^

When do we meet?

We meet on Saturday 2nd January 2010!

What time?

Germany: 2PM!
Belgium: 2PM
England: 1PM
Greece: 3PM
Spain: 2PM
France: 2PM
Italy: 2PM
Portugal: 1PM

And just in case our friends from Asia/America wants to help us too:

Japan: 8PM
Korea: 8PM

Important rules when you twitter:

* Only 1 tag per tweet!

Good tweet: #phoenixfceu fighting~
Bad tweet: #phoenixfceu #phoenixfceu #phoenixfceu (they won't count this)

* Don't tweet before the designated time!
You have only a few houndret tweets every few hours.. If you spend all of them before the designated time, it won't have the same effect.^^

*The more people tweeting the better!

For the trending list they count how many people are tweeting at the same time! Not the number of tweets.. So the chance to get on the list is bigger if A LOT of people tweet ;) Invite all Phoenixes/Friends/fans of other bands to help us out :)

* Have your account UNLOCKED!
There are people who lock their accounts.. those tweets won't be considered! You account has to be unlocked!

*All tweets MUST be related to Phoenix!

Or they will mark is as spam!

*Do not use more than one tag in your tweet!

Good tweet: #phoenixfceu we rock xD
Bad tweet: #phoenixfceu and #nowplaying

Feel free to spread it out ^_^ Let's show them that TVXQ has tons of European fans!
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