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27 October 2009 @ 07:27 pm
"Always Keep The Faith" Wristband Project  
Hey TVXQ Fans!

Basically wristbands. Red skinny wristbands (180mm x 5mm), with our fandom slogan: ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH (thank you, Chunnie ^^), and your personal decree on the other side: I believe in TVXQ. Particularly with the lawsuit, there’s a lot going on in Dong Bang world right now, or not enough – but funnily enough it’s the same problem. IN ANY CASE, it’s been tough and if it gets tougher yet this is for all us fans who want to show our support in a simple, everyday way.

(More info available at our Facebook Group: ALWAYS KEEP THE FAITH // I Believe In TVXQ Wristband Project, or email us at wristbandproject@gmail.com!)

• We need a total minimum order of 200! So please spread the word!!!
• AUD1.50 per wristband + Postage (Costing as follows): 
     • Within Australia Postage – AUD1.50 for 3 or less / AUD0.50 per wristband for over 3 / AUD3.00 for 6-20 wristbands 
     • Outside Australia Postage – AUD2.50 for 3 or less / AUD1.00 per wristband for over 3 / AUD5.00 for 6-20 wristbands

• Pre-orders open till early Nov and can be made by sending the following details to wristbandproject@gmail.com: 
     1. Full Name 
     2. Location (City & State & Country) 
     3. Email Address or Mobile Number 
     4. Delivery Address 
     5. Quantity Required 
     6. Total Cost 
     7. Method of Payment

Don’t send the money when you pre-order! If we don’t reach our min order, we won’t be going through with this. More info will be sent out regarding payment later on!
We've now reached the minimum of 200 orders (We've actually reached 234, so thank you guys so much!!), so we're going to begin collecting payments along with your order now. When you email us your order and we confirm it, we will send you the required details for you to send the money to us and then we'll confirm again when we receive the payment x)
• Also, no withdrawals once you pre-order! This is to make sure we don’t disappoint everyone else contributing to the min order quota.

METHODS OF PAYMENT (no concealed cash sorry!): 
     • Within Australia – Bank Transfer, PayPal + Fees, Western Union, Perth meet-ups, Money Orders; 
     • Outside Australia – Bank Transfer, PayPal + Fees, Western Union

If you have issues on anything at all, visit our Facebook HQ or just shoot us an email wristbandproject@gmail.com and we’ll get back to you asap!

In Unity!
Michelle, Tanya and Nosh.

Here's what the bands will look like x)

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